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Bottom Left Management Panel

From this panel you can access the mobile, tablet and Facebook builder versions of your site and access the Scraping Tool
botton right management panel
Moving between platforms via this panel will allow you to customize the different sites and optimize the functionality and user experience according to the specific platform usability (for example, call to action in mobile sites, components triggered by touch and not mouse click in mobile and tablet, etc.)
cross platform panel
The default platform in the builder when first creating a site is the web. You can switch between platforms by placing your cursor on the web icon on the panel- this will reveal the rest of the platforms icons. Next click on the relevant platform icon to open the site
The Scraping Tool allows you to create an upgraded version of an existing site by dragging and dropping content from the existing site to a new Camilyo site (make sure to use this tool according to copyright laws)

Access the tool by placing your cursor on the bottom left management panel and clicking on the Web Scraping icon that opens upon hover
web scraping
Once you click on the icon the window will be divided into two sections, on the left in the Scraping Tool and on the right in the Camilyo builder with the new site

In order to open the existing site in the tool, place the URL in the address bar and press Enter
scraping tool
You can copy and external page SEO tags to your new Camilyo page by clicking on the icon next to the address bar
web scraping seo
Next you can choose the content or image you want to transfer to your Camilyo site
scraping image
and drag & drop it to a location on the new site
scraping drag and drop
To exit the tool and return to the builder, click on the blue Exit button on the upper right corner of the tool
scraping exit
web scraping drag&drop