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Cross Platform Adaptation Functionality

There are levels of design adaptation between platforms when building sites using Camilyo embedded in the functionality of the tool, which makes your sites platform compatible in an easy and efficient way. Basically this holds the meaning of cross platform site building, and should be mastered in order to smartly use Camilyo

We differentiate between the adaptation meaning in content pages and master pages
  1. Content- all content is adapted across all platforms (unless I unbind the specific content in a specific platform to not adept with the rest)
  2. Presentation and Style- changes done on web are applied to all platforms. Changes made in other platforms are done locally only (example- max number of characters in expandable text is a presentation element of text, and should be different in mobile therefore not adapted to web)

* Some components do not exist in all platforms so the system will choose a default presentation that is relevant to the specific platform (for example in Galleries)
  1. Master pages and sections aren't adapted at all between platforms
  2. A master page can inherit style from another master page, however it will only be inherited if relevant to the platform (for example the 2nd style layer in a website will not get inherited cause this layout doesn't exist in other platforms)