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Domain Configuration

In the case you have an existing domain name, purchased via a hosting provider prior to creating a site in Camilyo, you would need to create a connection between the external domain and the domain provided by us for each site created. There are two parts to linking your custom domain to a Camilyo site:

1. Configuring the domain in your third-party domain hosting provider
2. Creating a redirection in Camilyo
In order to configure your custom domain to your new site created in Camilyo, you will need to log in to your third-party hosting provider (like GoDaddy, 1&1 etc.) account and create a CNAME record for your domain to point to your new site.

In your account, locate the DNS management zone and add two CNAME records- one for you custom domain (for example and one for your custom domain without www (your naked domain, for example, both to point to your new site domain (for example, in the following way:

Alias- www (for or another relevant subdomain)
Points to-

If your hosting provider doesn't allow to set a CNAME for your naked domain (, you'll need to create an A record pointing your naked domain to our IP, in the following way:

Host- * or @ (for your naked domain)
Type- A record
Points To- the IP address of your instance, you can find it by opening a command window in your computer and perform nslookup for the specific site production subdomain (for example type: "nslookup" to find the IP of the site "sitename1")

Specific Hosting Provider Instructions


  1. Log in to your Account at GoDaddy
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Click on Launch next to Domains
  4. Click on the domain you would like to point to your new Camilyo site
  5. Click on DNS Zone File and then on Edit
  6. In the CNAME section, edit your www record if existing or create a new one by clicking on Quick Add, in the following way:
    • Enter an Alias Name — the subdomain of your custom domain. Usually it's www
    • Points to Host Name — your new Camilyo site domain (for example
    • TTL — for the time duration the server should cache the information
  7. Click Save Zone File and OK to confirm changes. You will see the new CNAME record appear in the bottom of the section
  8. In the A record section click on the pencil icon next to the A record for @ to add your instance's IP address or create a new record using Quick Add

For additional information about domain mapping, go to the GoDaddy support center
After configuring your custom domain to point to your new site in your DNS, you'll need to add your custom domain in Camilyo and redirect your naked domain to your custom domain, in the following way:

In your Site Settings, click on the + button next to Domain
site settings
In the popup window add your custom domain and click on Apply
add domain
Next click again on the + button and add your naked domain, set to be redirected to your custom domain in the Redirect To (HTTP 301) menu and click Apply
add naked domain
Your domains are now set!

All the domains you set are visible in your Site Settings under Domain