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Left Management Panel

The left management panel allows you to manage your sitemap (pages, sections and master pages), components and media.
You can pin the panel by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the panel, to keep it static instead of dynamically closing once editing the site's content:
In the SiteMap tab you can manage your pages, sections and master pages. You can view, edit add and delete pages and sections from this tab by using the navigation buttons in the panel
For example, to add a new page, place your cursor on the Sitemap area and click on the + button that appears
add page
To edit a page, place your cursor on the relevant page and click on the settings wheel that appears next to it to open the page settings tab on the right management panel
edit page
Or click on the right mouse button to open a settings window:
edit page window
Here you can also add items, add sub-items, clone the page or set it as home.
In addition you can manage the order of the pages from the sitemap by dragging them to the location you chose in the sitemap (next to a page or below it)
In the Toolbox you can find all the builder components which you can drag & drop into your pages. There are eight categories of components: Basic, Structure, Media, Menu, Social, Form, eCommerce and Advanced
The media center is your depository for all the account images
Add file
Click on Add File to upload images from your computer. Once you upload an image, you can view it's details when placing your cursor on the i icon, edit it or delete it:
Image info
Edit an image:
Edit image