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Tracking Performance

You can connect your site to your Analytics account and to Webmaster Tools on the site level and add page specific scripts on a page level

Site Analytics Settings

In order to connect your page to Analytics and Webmaster Tools, go to the site settings by clicking on Properties > SEO (from the bottom right management panel)

Next choose the Analytics type (currently only Google is enabled), enter your Analytics ID and add the content value in the meta tag you receive from Webmaster Tools in order to verify your site (e.g. )

Page Analytics Settings - Tracking Events

You can track specific events on your pages, by setting the desirable actions on the site as links and adding tracking codes to the link as follows:

In the link settings box (both for HTML text and titles) link settings box.JPG, click on the link options button list options button.JPG
Next, in the link settings popup that opens, paste your event code in the field “On click (Javascript)”, as copied from your Analytics account
link settings
Next close the popup window and save your site. Repeat these actions for all the events you're interested in tracking

For information on Google Analytics Event Tracking, visit this page
You can track forms conversions in Google AdWords by implementing the code in the form settings you add to your site

In order to add the code, go to the form container settings by click on the form container component in your site
form container
which will open the right settings panel as follows:
form container settings
In the bottom box called “success-javascript” paste your conversion code (as given to you via Google AdWords) and save your site
success javascript
Once the site will be published, the form submissions will be tracked using the code